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Logistics Consulting

AIT TAHIPO LLC provides general trade and logistics consulting to new importers or existing importers seeking to stay informed on the myriad of legislation on trade and other governmental agency rules.

Our freight and logistics consultants work with companies in every subsector, including express, parcel, and postal services, trucking, 3PL, rail, transport infrastructure, ocean shipping, and distribution, to improve every aspect of operations and find opportunities for growth and better performance.


Many small and medium-sized businesses complain about lost productivity and high costs, but they don't know why these things are happening or where they could save money. We help you find out what makes your costs go up and what you can do to lower them by taking a closer look at your sourcing and logistics processes. Each business unit or company gets a solution from our consulting company that is unique and new.

Use our consulting skills to your advantage

There are many ways to improve the way your logistics work. We look at your solutions for sourcing and logistics and help you make them better. We help you find and create new strategies, and then we train your staff to use them. We also help you find the best project management solutions for your business, based on our many years of experience and your specific needs.

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