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Ø  Customs Brokerage                                       

Ø  General Air and Ocean Import
Ø  General Air and Ocean Export                    

Ø  Hand-carry Delivery
Ø  Buyers consolidation                                   

Ø  Logistics consulting 
Ø Overseas Client Representation

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Customs Clearance

AIT TAHIPO LLC has a national CHB license in the United States which enables it to process customs entries in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. We also provide post customs clearance services such as trucking and warehousing and distribution.

General Air and Ocean Export

AIT works with qualified air partners to provide targeted air, ocean, and border export services. We can also help with AES filing and foreign destination customs clearance.

Shipping Containers

General Air And Ocean Imports

AIT has a network of agents spanning six continents. These agents work directly with factories, air, ocean carriers and warehouses to get goods faster to the United States. We guide our clients towards the best shipping mode—air, ocean, land and multi-modal. Our associates are standing by for your import quote request.

Overseas Client Representation

AIT provides quality control services for clients who require extra assurances for their products. These are mostly first-time buyers. In certain cases it may be clients with luxury goods or those whose products have sensitive technology.


Buyers Consolidation

Our overseas agents and warehouses can combine our customers’ orders from multiple vendors at their specialized facilities and ship as a consolidated cargo to the ultimate consignee. We also provide QC services for our clients and a company background check for new vendors. 

Hand Carry Delivery

For faster delivery of packages and prototypes, AIT provides expedited pickup, clearance and delivery.

Business Presentation
Lawyer with Clients

Logistics Consulting

AIT TAHIPO LLC provides general trade and logistics consulting to new importers or existing importers seeking to stay informed on the myriad of legislations on trade and other governmental agency rules.

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