About us


Customs Clearance

AIT TAHIPO LLC provides Customs clearance services throughout the fifty (50) states and Puerto Rico. We also provide post clearance services such as trucking and warehousing services.

General Air and Ocean Export

We offer specialize air and ocean export solutions to six continents.

Hand-carry & Truck Delivery

For faster delivery of packages and prototypes, AIT TAHIPO LLC--through its network of agents--can provide faster pick-up, clearance and delivery of time sensitive shipments.

General Air and Ocean Import 

AIT TAHIPO LLC works with partners and agents in six continents. Our global network enables us to provide multi-modal services from just about any part of the work.

Buyers Consolidation

Our overseas agents/warehouses can combine our customers’ orders from multiple vendors at their specialize warehouses and ship as a consolidated shipment to our USA consignee.

Logistics Consulting

AIT TAHIPO LLC provides general trade and logistics consulting to new importers or existing importers seeking to stay informed on the myriad of legislations on trade and other governmental agency rules.

Overseas Client Representation

In cases where a buyer is looking to vet a supplier or if a buyer seeking overseas quality control services for its products, we can provide overseas representation on behalf of our customers.